Free Web Proxy

We provide the best free web proxy service on the planet. You can browse web just like before. It's blazing fast and stable on all websites. You don't even notice that you're using proxy because of our webservers speed. We provide webproxy that allows you to connect all websites using encrypted HTTPS connection. But on different ip and different country.

CatsyProxy supports any kind of websites such as: Search Engines, Video Hosting Platforms, E-Mail etc.

You don't need to install anything. Like application and software. Just browse on web browser

When to use CatsyProxy?

  1. Browsing web with privacy and without concern of being watched
  2. Accessing restricted websites in your country
  3. To improve security as we always encrypt all connections even if its served via unencrypted connections.
  4. Speed up browsing as some webpages is slow on some countries. You connect to us so fast and we always connect to them as fast as we could.

Reliable and Stable Proxy

We have one of the best servers on the world. So you can be sure that everytime you visit us, you see same speed and stability. We're testing our systems to detect some edge cases and analyze them to improve our services. That means you get persistent connection stability.

Youtube Proxy

You can watch Youtube videos without any concern and blocking. You can watch on highest available quality which is awesome! See comments and replies to them. And design of the Youtube never changes. It's blazing fast too!

Not only youtube can be accessed. You can browse Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch or other video hosting sites.

Privacy Friendly

Our privacy policy is so simple. We don't collect or share personal information.

When you search or go to any URL at CatsyProxy, we don't know who you are and there is no way to tie your searches and actions together.When you access CatsyProxy (or any Web site), your Web browser automatically sends information about your computer, e.g. your User agent and IP address. Because this information could be used to link you to your searches, we do not log (store) it at all.

That is amazing right? This is how we serious about privacy.

The Best Free Proxy

There are countless of proxy websites, such as "proxysite", "proxyfree", "hiload", "tubeunblock", "hide me proxy" and others. Of course we know they are used but not working always. For example Youtube doesn't work on those proxy services.

We are supporting all kinds of web pages. And we work 7/24 to create the best web proxy in the earth.

Our competitors have limited support and doesn't always work, they are slow and unstable. Here CatsyProxy comes to help. Our expertise is in youtubeproxy

This is why we are better than all free proxy lists on the web.

Just type any URL or search query to get wickedly fast experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people use proxies?

Because big sites like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin can be blocked for different reasons. Highly censored countries blocks a lot of videos and webpages in their countries. But proxies allows anyone to bypass that restriction using an intermediary website.

Proxies are easy to set-up but hard to maintain connection realiability. For this reason, we created CatsyProxy so anyone access blocked webpages without need to run proxy servers.

What is a free proxy list?

Free proxy lists are collected proxy servers. They are collected using web crawlers and served as API's or webpages.

Free proxy lists often fail to respond. Because so many people uses them and their proxy servers overload instantly.

What is a web proxy server and what does it do?

When you are browsing web using web proxy (such as CatsyProxy), it routes internet traffic using encrypted connections through that server. That means you look like browsing from that server but you're actually not!

This makes your connection much more secure and protected from hackers that tries to attack using "MITM" technique.

Why should you use web proxy services?

The main reason is that you can easily access restricted websites without downloading anything. Other alternatives to proxies doesn't allow you use without downloading anything. They always require something to install or download. That means proxy server could be used online.

The second reason is that web proxies can use browser caching. If you access same source more than once, browser stores that resource to reuse it later. That means you can access websites a lot faster that normal internet usage, and required bandwith is a lot lower. Companies like Google and Opera uses that technology on their browsers.

Does proxy slow down your Internet connection?

Some overused proxies slows down internet. Because a lot of people uses it and server owner doesn't upgrade or maintenance their servers. But we regularly update and upgrade our systems. That means your internet connection doesn't slow down when you use CatsyProxy.

Are proxies secure?

Some web proxies only allow you to use HTTP sites. They do that because of eavesdropping users. They want to log every website goes through proxy. If they allow HTTPS websites, users can browse securely and they cannot eavesdrop.

We highly recommend always using HTTPS websites. But, what if some site doesn't support HTTPS and only serves as HTTP? Can you do something? Yes you do. You can use CatsyProxy, because we always encrypt all the connections even if its served over HTTP. That means you use HTTPS for every HTTP site if you use CatsyProxy.

Which websites can I access with CatsyProxy?

You can access any website you want to visit with web browsers. Let us give you examples:

  • Blocked websites on restricted countries: Such as; Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Kuwait, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Belgium, Singapure
  • Websites only accessible on certain countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Russia
  • Torrent Sites: PirateBay, KickAss, Rarbg, Extratorrents, 1337x
  • Video Platforms: YouTube, Netflix, PornHub, XHamster, Doeda, Xvideos, RedTube, SpankBang, Eporner, Xnxx